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SEO is Essential for Website Success

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a term most people have likely heard before. As digital marketing continues to increase, so does the competition for businesses to be found via search engines. This visibility is sought after by the largest and the smallest of companies. Large corporations pay hefty bills per month for SEO experts to be constantly optimising theirs sites and content. It all comes down to whether potential customers can find you online. If you are not visible over your competition then you’re missing out on a huge demographic. That’s why NEAT narrowed down 5 important reasons to use SEO.

1. Website traffic

Other than web design, having the correct flow of traffic coming through your site is the most important focus of a website. If you’re not using good SEO tactics then you are falling at the most basic hurdle in marketing your business online. Facts say 64% of website traffic comes from organic search. The internet is a sea of information; it’s easy for customers to get lost and distracted. Search engines find your site using crawlers that identify key phrases, then index them for users’ organic searches. If these crawlers can’t find your site, neither can potential customers. Missing out on these potential customers isn’t only losing you business, but effectively you are sending business to your competitors.

2. Competitive edge

SEO isn’t a new term to deal with. Most businesses are familiar with it and its importance. It’s very likely that your competitors are already using SEO. If you are one of those business owners that aren’t then using a solid SEO system, then these competitors are taking your business. If this is the case then it is all the more reason for you to get on board with a strategy of your own. You have to think local when you are looking at what strategy to use. If you’re focusing on local SEO, the playing field is much smaller. Local search is becoming more and more important, and finding your niche can put you ahead of competitors focusing on a broader scale. Now’s the time. The longer you wait, the more you risk other businesses cementing their positions and keywords.

3. Better rankings

If you look at Google and how you operate it when searching for a business you can get an idea on how SEO works with rankings. Rarely will you go to page 2 or 3 on a search engine because quite frankly, you’ll probably have already found what you need on page one. When over 70% of clicks happen on the first search results page of Google, with 31% of clicks going to the first position entry, you don’t want to be past page two. That means that over 70% of users find what they’re looking for on that first page, which is why you need to use SEO to get there. Using local keywords and having up to date location information are two important steps to take to get Google to notice your site. Be aware of bounce rates, too. If your site doesn’t offer a good user experience, it won’t rank as well.

4. Mobile

One of the most important factors to consider when setting your website up is whether or not it’s mobile responsive. Responsive web design keeps your HTML and URL the same on web and mobile devices. If you have ever searched on your mobile device for a site and had to move the page around to see certain sections, then that website is not responsive. Google favors websites that are mobile responsive, and penalize the ones that are not. It is vital to take that into consideration when forming your SEO strategy, or even before you think of SEO.

5. Inbound marketing leads

SEO and inbound marketing work hand in hand. While some inbound strategies require lots of attention, SEO requires initial setup, but can then work on its own for awhile. It’s an affordable method of bringing in business. What’s more, effective SEO brings customers to you. You really can’t go wrong. You do want to look at having continuous SEO being worked on within your site. You can take this onboard or do what most companies do and have an SEO expert to take that work from you. These experts come in all shapes and prices. I would like to emphasize that when you are looking for someone to work your SEO, the cheaper option is not always the best outcome. Be aware of lazy experts who will flood your site with the wrong backlinks and content. Always get a report on the work that they carry out because some will take a lot of money from you and you will wonder what you are paying them for. Chose wisely with someone who can work closely with your business. NEAT have partnered up with a top SEO Network who will give you reports and updates on what work is being done along with results.


You know why SEO is important for the success of a website and your business overall. Being found in search is one of the best ways to find new customers when they’re seeking out your products or services. While SEO is increasingly important, maintaining rankings and working to constantly push out competitors is an arduous process. If you don’t have time to stay up-to-date on Google’s algorithm changes, cleaning up meta data, keyword research and link building, consider outsourcing to someone who has this as their main focus.

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